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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother: Jeremy Jackson opens up about addiction

Jeremy Jackson opened up about his past alcohol addiction in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother, sparking concern from housemate Perez Hilton as he's drinking again.
The former Baywatch star opened up to the blogger as he chose the star to question next in the house, asking him "are you drinking again?"
Jeremy responded: "You just watched me drink like nine glasses of champagne."
Moving on to relapses in general, and how Jeremy combated the problem, Perez asked: "Was it more than booze?"

Jeremy responded: "It's really no one thing. It's an excessive personality... it's extremist."

He added: "I don't like to be defined by conditions," before saying he's clean after battling a drug addiction.
Later, in the diary room ,Perez aired his concerns to Big Brother, saying: "The fact that Jeremy is boozing a lot, and he's just coming off a bad break up, makes me think he's not in a very mentally stable state right now."
He added: "There's entertaining and then there's scary, and he's borderline scary."
In tonight's show, viewers will see Perez grilling Katie on her comments in the press about fat people and ask if her attitudes have softened after the making of her programme. She replies that she now understands that some people have reasons for being overweight but not excuses. He then accuses her of trolling and she rejects the claim.
Elsewhere, in tonight's show, Nadia tells Chloe that she is right in having her guard up as they might be living with ‘axe-wielding murderers’ and Michelle tells Katie and Patsy that being from the US, she knows a lot more about Jeremy’s story than they do and it will come out in the end and explain a lot about him and his behaviour.
Meanwhile, Big Brother opens the bedroom and the Housemates run to get their beds, the singles are taken first and Chloe and Cami Li have to share a double, another pair who will be bunking up is Perez and Ken - Perez assures Ken that there will be no funny business after Ken politely enquires about Perez’s sexual orientation.

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