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Monday, 8 December 2014

Big Brother's Travis Lunardi hopes to have a baby

Big Brother's Travis Lunardi hopes to have a babyThey've only been out of the Big Brother house for a week, but Travis Lunardi and his new girlfriend Aisha McKinnon have already kick-started the baby-making process - at the request of his mother, Cheryl.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia about their relationship, Travis admitted that he was head-over-heels for his 22-year-old love, who he plans to have children with immediately.
'I'm 100 per cent keen for one,' he said when asked about his desire to have kids with the woman he's known for a little over three months.
'I'm already trying to knock her up,' he revealed. Mum's always pressuring me because she wants to be a grandmother.

'I've got two brothers and I think she thinks I'm her best chance to be a grandmother now,' the 24-year-old said while sitting by Aisha's side.

'I'm just trying to be a good boy to my mummy and give her babies. Aisha's slapping me on the knee right now saying "you wish!", but I'm definitely hoping for a baby by next year. I want to be a young daddy.'

However, at just 22, Aisha is keen to take things slow considering their new found fame.

'For the first time in my life, my private life isn't so private anymore...I guess kids are definitely way, way into the future - I haven't really thought about that.'

And who would have thought that the rough and tumble boy's boy with an obsession for AFL had a romantic side

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